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Feb 24th, 20111 Comment

Ever had an honest-to-goodness pleasant surprise – like finding a $20 bill in your jacket or getting a hand-written card from an old friend?

We got our own windfall a few weeks ago when doing online surveys for two of our clients.  A content bonanza. A treasure trove of customer testimonials and other fodder for our clients’ website, Facebook Page, e-newsletters, YouTube channel and more.

We had set out merely to get feedback on what was working and what wasn’t (Online Surveys 101) for two of our clients, Cowgirls and Lace in Dripping Springs, and BerryAustin Yogurt in the heart of Austin.  Of course, we asked all the important questions in the survey, including how often their customers came to the store, what they usually bought, what their overall satisfaction was, what could be improved, etc.

But we also made sure to leave comments open after almost every question. That’s where the testimonials started pouring in, much to our clients’ (and our) delight.  Some samples:

For Cowgirls and Lace:

Love your people and your store!  They give me time whether my project is large or small- kudos to all of you!!!

Your staff is always helpful. They don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to find what I need.

I always love a sale or something new. The whole visit and making me feel special and at home is why I come to you!

Your store is such a treat and a great cure for the blues. No pressure to buy, just genuine joy that you came into the store. Love that.  Love your staff.  Thank you for being here.

For BerryAustin:

This is a wonderful place. I wasn’t a big fan of yogurt until I came across your shop. Now I am hooked!

I love the constant change of artwork, the people are always very friendly, always offering tastings, and the toppings are always fresh and inviting.

I LOVELOVELOVE you guys.  I am so happy we found you!  I would go out of my way to have your yogurt–absolutely the best in Austin and my daughters and I have tried them all!!!

Your store has become one of the places I have to take visitors just to look around as much as to have a bite to eat.  I’m always smiling when I leave.

To top it off, for both surveys, we asked if respondents wanted to be featured on the soon-to-be-revamped websites, in future newsletters and on Facebook.  And many customers did.

Particularly helpful to Cowgirls and Lace were those willing to have their home decorating projects featured on the new website. People love before-and-after shots, so this is a golden content opportunity.

The same free-flowing “customer love” extended to BerryAustin, who now has a list of people who are willing to come to the shop and be videotaped for their YouTube channel. Talk about your raving fans!

I don’t mean to minimize the traditional survey information we got – it was extremely valuable and packed with new ideas for refining how our clients do business. In fact, that survey process should be in a future blog post (note to self).

But the wealth of content and content ideas for the future was unexpected and exciting. We then followed up on behalf of our clients with a treat of our own: sending an unexpected coupon as a special thank-you just to those survey respondents*. Both our clients – and we – want to always be on the path of continually delighting our customers.

-Suzanne Doughty

* The resulting emails have one of the highest open rates we’ve seen at 77%-79%.

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