3 Must Dos when setting up a Facebook Business Page

Feb 18th, 20111 Comment

So you’ve decided to set up a Facebook Business page? Great! One thing Facebook won’t tell you is that having a “welcome” page that tells people what your business is all about, ideally visually, will double the “like” rate of visitors (thanks to Jay Baer for this statistic).  Here are 3 items I believe are “Must Dos” when setting up your business page:

1. Set up a “Welcome” page
Here are a couple of my favorite examples. Redbull, Coke and for a small business, Cosmetology Educators. They’re fun, visual and give you a feel for what the business is all about. You can create this “welcome” page or any specialized tab with Facebook’s iFrame which allows more sophistication in the Facebook pages using it, but also adds more complexity. Paul Kortman does a good job describing in detail how to do this. Here is his link.

2. Delete the “Discussions” tab
The main reason to set up a business page is to get more visibility for your business. The best way to do this is to use the postings on your wall to go into your fans’ news feeds. Leaving the “Discussion” tab that automatically appears on each business page will dilute your newsfeed optimization efforts. Why? Because people may post there and start discussions there which would otherwise occur on your wall. Delete the “Discussions” tab, so that people post to your wall instead!

3. Drop the Marketing speak
Just below your avatar on the left, there is room for a description of your business. Please do not write in traditional marketing speak that uses the same buzz words that everyone uses and nobody knows what they really mean (Industry Leader, best-in-class, revolutionary, unique, etc.). Click here to see the most overused buzz words.  Choose words that you would use when explaining your business to your best friend’s mother. Tell her what you really do and why it matters in a conversational tone that people can understand.

You’ve done all the work and set up a beautiful Facebook business page! Congratulations, now what?  Soon we will go into how to get people to interact with your new business page.

Rhonda Dirvin (I don’t write as well as Suzanne)

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  1. David Hood says:

    I have to say the that “Delete the Discussions tab” is a very smart thing to do. We have done this as well.

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