Helping Austin small businesses get more sales, more referrals and more customers using email marketing and social media.


You deeply value the relationship you have with your customers. You offer them a high-quality product or service and you want them to always contact you first to meet their needs, and to recommend you when talking with their friends and colleagues.

At Cedar Sage Marketing, we understand the importance of your relationship with your customers. We listen to your needs, goals and dreams, and help you determine if email marketing and social media are right for you and your business. We believe:

  • Your customers want to hear from you if they know you and you offer them value.
  • Email and social media are powerful marketing tools because they are cost-effective, customizable and provide key feedback.
  • Your email and social media content should inform, educate, make an offer, entertain, thank or otherwise give value to your customers.
  • Your customers are inundated with emails, facebook posts, tweets and more, so yours must be timely, relevant and compelling without being “gimmicky”.

You know it’s less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis and offering them value in a personal way can improve their loyalty and generate repeat sales for you.

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